Thursday, September 19, 2013

Embroidery Floss Storage

Hello Stitchers and friends,

I have recently finished up another system for enjoying my embroidery floss and making it easier to use.
First off I will show you the system I have been using for several years.  I wanted a way to store both my new floss skeins as well as my opened cut lengths of floss.  I devised this system using 1 inch office split rings which I found in packages of 100 at Office Depot
    (this was by far the best deal I have seen  - and this matters when I needed more than 300 of them)
By using these rings I can put both several skeins plus the cut lengths on one ring.  This solved the problems I had with previous systems and has made this work so very well.

I have them hanging on a section of an old crib rail which at my house stands behind a bedroom door for storage.  I have considered making a dust cover, or adding hooks on the wall to hang it. Maybe someday I will.

I don't remember why I cut the rail down to that height.  It does make the bottom ones a bit harder to reach, but I can sit it up on a chair so it still works fine.
I keep these sorted by number so I can quickly find what I am looking for and take inventory easily.  And I can easily see them all if I am searching by color.

Still however,  I found there were times when I had a desire to just grab up all my shades of greens or tans ... when I was trying to decide on color changes or substitutions.    So this summer I set out to make up 2 yard samples of each color so I could organize them by color family.  

Below is the result of that project and the stand I put together to hold those.   For this a round display seems to work just fine.
I used a candle stand and some old lamp parts and presently have the floss hanging on those sweet curly style christmas ornament hooks just because they are cute, but the split rings would be good for this also and possibly be more secure
Each sample hangs from labels made from dymo label tape folded around wires fashioned from paper clips which I had to cut and bend.   I color coded the labels but that might not have been necessary.  (all 800 numbers being one color, and 900's another, etc.)  
The dymo labels are double sided, and have a hole punched for the thread to loop through That works well enough and they are easy to read,but something else might be more lovely.

I admit that the project took far more hours than I anticipated but the benefits will be long lasting.

I hope you are happily stitching and organizing at your house too.

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